Saturday, July 04, 2009

Jenny & Vega redesign...

Nice character artworks by XJKenny ;) !

Artist's comment: "Is been a while and I decided to draw another few redesign characters of MLaaTR after watching Transformers XD and this time I drawn two characters, Jenny and Misty *^^* Hope you like it."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Anime Jenny!

Great artwork by 14-bis :D !

Artist's comments: "While banned, I did a sketch of jenny on a more mecha anime style. Now that I am back, nothing better than a new jenny to add on my now mutilated gallery. I went for a cell shading look, and wow, that is difficult and took me 25 layers. A more realistic image with only two layers is a lot more easy, ha ha. Oh, for those of you who can read japanese, sorry, but I had no idea what those words mean. I just used a brush with that lettering. Enjoy."

By the way, here's the wallpaper version:

And the Work-In-Progress design: