Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Disaster Baby

That's what we ended up calling this critter. He first appeared in "Hostile Makeover" as a reference to the baby boy of Mary Hanley, the woman who did the storyboard. Pretty soon whenever we needed to put someone in danger we would reuse Disaster Baby. Can you name some of the other episodes he's appeared in ?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jenny in the 3rd dimension

Thanks for the great links everyone! They lead to some nifty discoveries, including the Japanese version of "Speak no Evil" wherein the Japanese speaking residents of Tremorton are baffled by Jenny's attempts to comunicate in English.

For those wondering how Jenny and the extended cast of the show might look in 3-d, we discovered this fairly elaborate fan film, "Not My Day" by Henry Blackshear jr.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jenny around the world

All this travelling has gotten me thinking. One of the coolest things about making a show for a studio like Nickelodeon, is that your work will eventually be shown all over the world. However, each countrie's Nickelodeon is its own company, and even though Rob and I have asked many times we never get to see the international versions of our show.
Recently I found this; a clip of Teenage Robot featuring the theme song and characters speaking in German. For those those of us used to the english version, there are some fun surprises, including Tuck's more mature voice.
This Blog seems to have visitors from around the world, does anyone have links to clips of their local versions of Robot?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time Flies

It's been several weeks since I returned from Japan and I have been meaning to post much sooner than this. Finally fed the pix from my new digital camera to my Mac -all 1400 of them! This is my wife and me on the Shinkansen from Himeji to Kyoto. Another bullet train is passing us by while we stop momentarily in a station. A totally accidental image but a great result.

Although I'll be paid through next week, this is my last day of real work on MLAATR. I mix the final show today. It's a good one and although there is no real series conclusion. It ends with a comical joke that could explain why things don't continue.

Alex and I will continue to post on the Roblog. He has been very busy moving to a new place but when he is settled I expect he will have some new treats for you all. I will try to post a few goodies as well before they kick me out of Nick.