Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jenny in the 3rd dimension

Thanks for the great links everyone! They lead to some nifty discoveries, including the Japanese version of "Speak no Evil" wherein the Japanese speaking residents of Tremorton are baffled by Jenny's attempts to comunicate in English.

For those wondering how Jenny and the extended cast of the show might look in 3-d, we discovered this fairly elaborate fan film, "Not My Day" by Henry Blackshear jr.


Anonymous said...

The video is very cool
im thinking about a second movie.

Chazz princetone

wichobot said...

Thanks. It's so hard to find this kind of videos and post it later.

I can't believe that Google Video reject this nice material. I tried to upload there and later they just said: "this video can't be published, because our policies Blah, Blah, Blah..." ;P

From now, I better use YouTube only (no problems) ;)

Soon more videos there! (anyway, always check G.V., just in case) :)
wichobot -

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

CandyRobot: Keep drawing and posting please!

The Great One said...

Jenny Fever is alive and well!

A wonderful homage to the genius that it Renzetti and Kirwan!

Maybe Nick should see this and reconsider!

crashfourit said...

Interesting.... They switched the languages in that episode.

I really like the 3D Jenny pic.

I just wish there would be a few more episodes, another movie, or a spin-off series. :(

Anonymous said...

To wichobot:
I want to download the episodes in German cast, BUT THEY REDIRECT ME TO

i have been downloaded episodes earlier here i think your videos are broken

I Have the 3RD season episodes in english and spanish cast and i will post it,
on my blog but....

Like Renzetti, i will be taking vacations in Monaco, but i will post the episodes after i return from my vacations, exactly in two weeks

Chazz princetone.

PS: Wichobot repair the videos ahh
your video website is really:

My blogs are the next:

Anonymous said...

new episodes :D
cant wait


Anonymous said...

Three letters: D.V.D.

wichobot said...

OK, fixing broken episodes...
Thanks for the advice :)

is the real site. I renamed it to:
for a good look (more easy to type!).

Firefox users can use this:
But you will be unable to use some features like player controls...

btw, 3RD (third) season episodes?
OMG! excellent!

I don't know where you get those, but could you get "My neighbor was a teenage robot"?
I tried a whole year getting it but I can't ;(

wichobot - (fixing, sorry! :P, please wait...)

wichobot said...

OK, Fixed! :)
All the videos were repaired and working again 100%!
wichobot -

Anonymous said...

Two words: On Demand

I have Comcast.

Three letters: D.V.D.

Anonymous said...

Attention to all blogers

what did all think about a crossover with Danny phantom and the teenage robot? if someone knows to do a video, With Danny and Jenny in a cross over please let me Know.

Also i Think Electronic arts and Ubisoft will make the teenage robot video game for pc, its only a rumor I am posting this from my laptop

3rd season

Chazz prinstone
executive president
edco co. ltd

Kevin said...

Hi everyone!

I watched both the videos and they were awesome, especially the 3D MLaaTR. Who ever did that should keep on going and making more MLaaTR videos.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to southern California. The reason I'm going is to be interviewed by people from diffrent colleges to see if they the classes I need to Bachlor's degree in animation.

Also, maybe I see some famous people while I'm down there. I have a 2 week trip so I'lll probably see you Teenage Robot crew.

We'll goodbye for now!

DanMat6288 said...

Anyone know where that Japanese episode can be seen after Vicaom sweeped Youtube?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

MLaatr Fans I had to change the location of the 3D film here is the new link