Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Problem of Cartoon Continuity in TV Cartoons

Here at MLAATR we are discouraged from creating long story arcs that carry through several cartoons. The reason? Because we never know what order things are going to air. You will all soon see an example of this on your very own television. The episodes that will start showing this week are, for the most part, Season 2 shows. "Escape from Cluster Prime" was done at the start of Season 3. I made the foolish assumption that Nick was going to air all of Second Season WAAAAYYY before the movie ever played. So in these "new" episodes you will see Vexus and the rest of the Cluster as if the movie never happened. Which, when we made these episodes, it hadn't.


Anonymous said...

Another first! So, I noticed that, but please let me say that I was bummed to see Smitus blown up! He was one of my faves. And as a huge Eartha Kitt voice over fan, they really need to find a way to bring her back for season 3!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling us this! I was wondering about that!

CoyoteLoon said...

Guys, guys, guys, remember that the Teen-Bot folks in the studio who draw the art and write the stories don't have control over when the episodes get aired. I think "Victim of Fashion" was *supposed* to be the Season Two kick-off episode ... meaning it was supposed to be aired, what, almost a year ago? And it's only finally getting aired this week.

It's a shame, too, because story-arcs can provide some of the most compelling drama in TV show ... after all, nobody told us what Cluster Prime was actually like for a couple of years, it was completely left up to the imagination. And because of that, it made the movie all the more interesting.

OK, rant over.

Anonymous said...

Never trust Nick to do the RIGHT thing. They're NICK! >_>

Glen Bosiwang said...

Huuh? I'm a bit confused here but I think I know what you really mean; although they are not shown in sequence, these stuff tend to 'fly off' when Nick starts repeating the same episodes (though in Nick Asia shows from 2 seasons are mixed and shown in completely different order but I never seem to complain much) or best yet, having all the perfect collection DVD boxed sets(altogether with the EFCP DVD) so that you can watch them in order! Boy, does that ever prove my genius or what?

- Glen!

Anonymous said...

Robot Renzetti, my old friend
(I do presume!)

I see the quandry all too well. Nick seems to have a love-hate relationship with this fantastic show in that they ask for a 1 hour movie and OK Season 3 before Season 2 even Starts, BUT THEN!...

They offer 1/2 the season 2 episodes in a glut, sprinkle them around, leave the show off the schedule for weeks at a time, move it around from day to day, and then "Suddenly" Have a big premiere
of the new "Escape from Cluster Prime"

I like to think that the saner and wiser heads at Nickoledeon see what a winner they have in MLaaTR, and what a rabid and persistent audience/fan base it has developed.

So said, I look foward to Season 3, an announcement in the next couple of months about Season 4
and possibly a 90 minute movie for 2006, along with long expected licensed merchandise, action figures, and even video games.

Rob, You and Alex, and the whold crew have hit one "out of the park"
and you should be justifiably proud.

Maybe you could try to pitch "Mina and the Count " again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Renzetti. Your cartoons are great, I just hope Nick doesn't screw up MAJORLY again like this time.

Anonymous said...

America Nicorodeon is known to be insincere to MLaaTR in Japan.

It is talked between fans here as "It is necessary to broadcast rather on the Cartoon Network".

Please produce season 3 not disappointed. Mr. Renzzeti.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of cartoons are showed out of order, but I am not really bothered by it.


Anonymous said...

What episodes are going to be on all week including yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Let me tell XJWriter, Rob Rezetti, Alex Kirwan, Janice Kawaye, and all the other I either never heard of or are too lazy to mention, that I am not blaming you! When I say "Nick", I mean the stupid promotion and scheduling people! You are doing what you need to do, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... That makes me wonder. Since there's the problem with continuity, will the Season 3 episodes feature the "original" Cluster or will they just start off after the events of "Escape from Cluster Prime", story-wise?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ace,

I'm hoping after the events of the movie!

And Mr.Renzetti ,

Please put more Vega! I NEED more Vega . And more Candi Milo(as Dr.Wakeman, if you didn't notice she's my fav character) since she didn't say alot in the past few episodes. Not complaining though , the show rocks!!!

Wakeman quote of the day:

Wakeman: A 6 1/2 mechanical girl , and nobody will notice ?

Andrew N.P. said...

Somehow, this doesn't bother me as much as it does everyone else. This is the risk one runs when making an episodic show, and it's a moot point anyway once the reruns and DVDs hit.

Still, I appreciate the heads-up. Even if it means we have to wait until Season 3 to see how well the nouveau régime holds up. Darn your tantalizing plot points! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wakeman's assistant,

I really don't care where the new eppies pick up, as long as Smytus and Krackus will join the party ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and, of course, a whole lot of the doc!

Chevelle said...

Nick is to blame, what ya should do is submit a season to nick and dont submit another untill the season is totally aired.

This could enable you to start a story at the begining of season 4.

There are alot of SBSP re-runs along with FOP that can be replaced with new episodes of shows like MLaaTR and Avatar.

If nick doesent start airing you show correctly why dont you all send the show to Cartoon Network.

New episodes are constantly showing on fridays and new cartoons pop up pretty often

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