Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dawn of the xj's

First season scribe Mike Bell was the one to first ponder what came before nine in the XJ series, and drew up these sketches forming a logical (and goofy) progression of robotic development.

Storyboard artist Mary Hanley created these designs for the first draft of "Sibling Tsunami", the sisters' first appearance.

A size comp of the final designs.


Anonymous said...

XJ4 was the original chatter box before it came on the air? Pretty creative, and nice to know! Thanks for sharing with us (Yay! First post!)

tyde45 said...

Very cool! Where did the idea of 'neat-freak-iness' for XJ-4, come into play? I love seeing old character designs!

Anonymous said...

Really nutty rough drafts of Jenny's sisters you have =D


XJ-0 said...

Awesome! It looks like every robot goes through quite some development stages before complation.

Speaking of designs, Here's a peice of fanart of my character XJ-0:

wichobot said...

XJ-8 rules!
btw, Is XJ-8 a male or female robot?... his/her voice is "Muy Macho" ;)
wichobot -

The Great One said...

A fascinating look at the development of characters for an episode. I see that writers for this show have to think outside the box or "outside the shell" as the case may be.

This brings to mind a puzzling topic, that you as a major player may have some insight into:

If and When is Nick going to show thee Third Season Episodes?

Are they planning a special for the spring or an all out blitz for summer vacation? A farewell Jenny party? (Say it isn't so!)

I am still hoping that someone at that half-baked station has the brains to sell the franchise to someone who appreciates good animation, like Disney or WB or Cartoon Network, if they won't pick up the ball.

Do you hear me, Nick? You are throwing away a perfectly good show!!


Alex, please forgive my candor. You are an outstanding art director. I and many others apprecaite what you and Rob and all the others are doing in giving us this background into a wonderful show.

THanks again.

Anonymous said...

yea i read a few of the synopsees of the unaired episodes and i am dying to see "good old sheldon"

i hope you post a heads up when jenny is going to be on again

those roughs are so neat its amazing how well they turned out with all the different directions they could have gone in

BixDog said...

Whoa, never expected to see my designs again! Thanks for the nostalgia!