Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Teenage Robot Flashback

Just received some pix from our wrap party which took place back in May. Among those pictured are my wife Tracy Royce, Alex Kirwan,storyboard artist Brandon Kruse, production assistant Amy Lamprey, background designer Joe Holt, production manager Ani Cash, storyboard artist Eric Bryan and bg painters Seonna Hong and Jenny Gase-Baker. (Not necessarily in that order.)


Anonymous said...

You all look like you had a great time! n____n thanks so much for making MLAATR! it's the best! and so are all of you guys! :D

shadow2007 said...

wow.. esos son?... genial... saludos desde Peru... ^^

TOMAS said...

It is a pleasure to know in person so talented artists, we must all you that much more single moments of entertainment; them desire luck in its future and present projects. Also in personal more sincere desire to show my and respetosas admirations to their lady handcuff, Mr. Rensetti, (I assume that she is the beautiful lady who accompanies to him in the final photography) according to I understand she did some of the preliminary designs of Jenny which they appeared in the Roblog Under I title "the Jenny that was not", Were of most touching and beautiful, they make think about which could be ours loved personage I hope can send more photos in the future, it could inform to us as they were the prizes of the recent Emmy for MlaaTR? , there will be photos of the event? , greetings from Mexico Respectfully: Tomas