Monday, April 23, 2007

Leex's stuff...

How to make your own "Action Jenny".

Jenny in Windows style.

XJ-Series as "Cyborg 009" anime characters.

A fictional old RPG.

"Perfect function of fullness" comic strip ^^ !

Jenny's gloves.

Many thanks to Odaleex for this stuff.


Anonymous said...

yay!!!! now we can make our own action jennys. :D

The Great One said...

Love the catgirl Jenny!

I didn't know Jenny did Windows, but she is dressed for it!

Maid to order!

Someone remembers Cyborg 009!

A robot girl made from a Buoy! What next?

Very Cheeky, though.

Unknown said...

i made mine out of lego

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad for my works to be published in roblog.
I'll work more.

"Jenny in Windows stye" modeled on personified-OS "OS-tan".
Jenny clothes a Windows Me.
Windows Me occurs the error(^^;.

Anonymous said...

odaleex: Could you do a picture of this girl' please?

Anonymous said...

doraemon jenny lol.