Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuck's imagination

Hilarious fanart from XJKenny based on an action film ^^ !

Artist's comment: "This idea came to me after watching Spiderman 3. And this comic strip that I draw is about Tuck imagined that Jenny's rubber suit is not made of rubber instead it is a symbiote possessing Jenny's body just like Venom ^-^"


The Great One said...


The evil symbiote has Boobs and a Tongue also!

Say, how can a Symbiote work with a Machine? No life to share with!

Otherwise, a Great idea for a spinoff.

"Dark Jenny"

Coming to a TV near you any day now.

Anonymous said...

As good as the drawing is, I've been a little disturbed lately by seeing our favorite robot with 'inflatable anatomy.' I just think it's wrong.

wichobot said...

Remember, it's * Tuck's imagination * ...
In fact, Jenny doesn't have that 'inflatable anatomy' since she's a robot ;) !

Anonymous said...

"Raggedy Androiod" seria la "simbionte" de Jenny No?
im Tom