Monday, September 24, 2007

Sheldon's MV...

"Ultimate White & Nerdy" music video made by Hikoishi.

Nice Teenage Robot Music Video (TRMV) featuring Sheldon ;) !


shadow2007 said...


espero que salgan los subtitulos pronto ^^

The Great One said...

Those space bikers have been the most popular villians since Vexxus!

Hard to believe than Janice played the voice of Tiffany (She's new!)

I thnk Candi did Helga's voice also. What a throat strainer!

Maybe they could have a spinoff show on Cartoon Ntwork and Jenny and friends could do Guest shots.

What do you think Rob?

Anonymous said...

I could imagine a Sheldon gangsta rap album:

"Straight Outta Tremorton"