Monday, October 15, 2007

Jenny on Japan!

Nice Jenny drawings from Japan ^^ ! ...

I was looking for Vacu-San, but I only found this ;) !


The Great One said...

The scond from the bottom sketch is so Kawaii, I can barely stand it! I want one!!! How Much?

That's what we need; An MLaaTR show In Japan with Kawaii characters, just different enough to get past Viacom's copyrights!

It worked for Gunsmith Cats!

They just changed Rallye's hair from Blonde to black and darkened her skin.

Make Jenny a different color, Make Brad have brown hair, make Sheldon a blonde and less Nerdy, Make Tuck Older and less of a pain, Re-do the Krust cousins and make Nora Wakeman Younger and Blonde also.

Change it from Tremerton to Osaka
and have her fight mechanized Godzillas and Mothras. It's a sure hit!

Anonymous said...

Was that Sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

We all saw what happened when the the PPG got the anime treatment.

I shudder to think of what would happen to MLAATR.

Though it has possibilities:

Sheldon as a transforming henshin-style hero.

Jenny, Misty, and Melody with gratuitous cheesecake shots.

Vexus is more evil and vicious


Other than that, I dread to think what would happen

The Great One said...

I did NOT say ANIME! I said Anime like, with more Kawaii Characters.

Just haveing it set in a foregin country does not make it anime, and a lot of american shows with a "Anime look" Like Teen Titana" did quite well for several Years.

The animation on PPG was so basic that Anime was a major step up.

DO you want the show to come back or NOT!

Anonymous said...

the great one,

As long as the show is still under the direction of Renzetti, then I don't care what form it comes in.

The problem becomes when studios purchase a license that they don't fully appreciate nor understand.

I don't care who shows it, or in what form it comes in. As long as the people who made it come alive for all of us are still there.

Secondly, PPG wasn't about detailed designs. That was the whole charm about it. The storytelling and humor is what made it interesting. The anime version ("Demashita! Power Puff Girls!") traded that in favor of all the "magical girl" style show stereotypes. Don't get me wrong, it had potential. But without someone at the helm who really cares and understands the vision of the artists and directors, it just fell apart.

Of course, the Teen Titans are an example of the work done right. But then again the people behind the show consulted with DC comics and made their own adaptation of the comic series which, except for two major plot points was spot on. Even the plot changes were handled well.
Why? because they respected the spirit of the show and the vision of Marv Wolfman, the creator.

shadow2007 said...

wow.. oe como te enteras de esass paginas?.. o es que alguien te las dice?

wichobot said...

Me entero a través del Futuroscopio... nomás miro que fue lo que publicó "wicho del futuro" jeje xD !

Anonymous said...

Damn good pics. Nice... JW is soOoooOoOo sexy.

She loves me the most.

Now now, don't get jealous.