Friday, December 28, 2007

Holidays & Pranks...

Funny artwork by XJKenny from the MLaaTR Kiddies comic ^^ !

The Jenny's Xmas from Yoshi... on 26th? LOL!

And a Holiday Card from AceDroid ;) !


The Great One said...

Tis the season to Make Merry , in all forms!

MY favorite is Jenny and her sisters decorating he tree because Xmas is all about family!

Love a bit of cheeseckae in there with Misty, but why is Jenny grey?
A body stocking? Love those brief panties!

Anonymous said...

sweet lol i likey

Anonymous said...

:D very cools pics :D

Anonymous said...

And a jolly ol Christmas to you, Jennifer Wakeman.

I married Jenny Wakeman Feb. 8th 2004.

I love Jenny Wakeman soooo much, I wish there was an actual life size model of her!

Jenny, you put me between your legs, I'd promise to stay a long time.

I want to do Jenny Wakeman.

Don't these sound familiar? I posted one post on another blog as anonymous. I'm Jenny Wakeman fan #1, and she love me best!

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