Saturday, March 01, 2008

The March match!

Awesome artwork from the Jenny-San March Calendar.
Jenny vs. Skippy the Evil Wonder Puppet?! ... LOL xD ...

Nice job from TRF777.
Australian desert looks nice for a travel ;) !

Also, you can watch the Melody Locus' March Calendar here ^^ !


Bob Mc.Boberson said...

cool calendars…go jenny go!!

The Great One said...

Jenny down Under!

She looks good dressed for a day in the outback. (I mean the desert, not the restaurant!)

Jenny vrs Socky" (courtesy of "Kappa Mikey") I somehow feel that is a lot more going on there than we can see. Jenny would win a fight with a sock puppet

Hands Down!

What evil cluster or other trickster is behind this innocent looking mayhem? The Dirty Laundry Gang? The Muppets? Uncle Bill and his Socks of Doom!


Anonymous said...

haha hmm a evil sock puppet wtf itz obvvious that this is a waste of a fight jen wil win hands down

Anonymous said...

Nice art! good perspective! genial,is awwersome stile,Thanks for you art!

Anonymous said...

You sure that isn't the sock puppet Tuck was singing fart songs with in one episode that Jenny's fighting?