Monday, April 14, 2008

Kiddies Scare and the Dancer...

Hilarious artwork from XJKenny ^^ !

Artist's comment: " *Heh* just wanted to draw a childhood scene of Kiddies Jenny and Misty, and Misty is having some problem going to the bathroom after watching a scary monster movie XD ! "

A colorful artwork from TRF777.

Artist's comment: "I just wanted to draw something with a lot of detail, such as Jenny in a very fancy outfit, so I drew this. By the time, I finished this my fingers felt like they'd fall off, but it was worth it."


Anonymous said...

lol! great artwork form both of u!
good job :D

Anonymous said...

magnificent as alwayz go trf777

Anonymous said...

LOL All your "kiddie Jenny and Misty" pictures are funny. How about drawing Brad, Sheldon, and/or whatever those two other Teen Team teens' names were?

On another subject, would it be OK to show you some MLaaTR original characters for your opinions and such, despite the universal "no taking fans' ideas" television rule, since MLaaTR is (whether we like it or not) cancelled anyway? Just want to be sure first.

iheartkatamari said...

You've both done some truly great artwork indeed! Love the quote, "I need to use the bathroom but there is a monster in it." LOL!