Monday, June 23, 2008

~ Shallow Gal ~

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Another MLaaTR Comic ^^ !

Yes, it's very similar to "Stage Fright", but this time Leopold has been replaced by another teacher. Maybe he was too angry xD !


kkacatin said...

Thanks! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

The attackers look a bit like Misty does.


Anonymous said...

In the episode, STAGE FRIGHT, Leopold was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

It would be great if the aliens were voiced by Charlie Adler.

Anonymous said...

Tanks to you much alot!!!!!!!

I was wish it from a long time ago and I wish get all of other episodes on comic.

Tanks to you much alot!!!!!!!

The Great One said...

OH, This is priceless!

To have someone go to that much trouble is just overwhelming.

Rob Renzetti, you should be proud!

My Very best to the author of this wonderful comic.

Donut Guy said...

This comic is at !!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love Romeo and Juliet! And I've started liking this show again after I started watching it again and realizing how much I've missed watching it.

grandpa said...

i actually bought the nick magazine this comic was in and i still have it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Charlie Adler would be great! He could do Starscream's voice for the aliens.