Monday, February 09, 2009

XJ-9 Model: Finished!

Here's the amazing Jenny's sculpture final model by celsoryuji ;) !

It's quite impressive as the 2D original illustration.


Furax said...

A really nice work! Seems very realistic. Maybe the whole movies would be more attractive if drawn in 3d mode?..

And I'd like to ask creators of movie a question. I have sent a letter before, but I afraid it wasn't delivered. In the first movie of second season, "The future shock", there is a newspaper read by Dr. Wakeman. The title is "Zorka". What does it mean? Does Dr. Wakeman read the russian newspaper (in russian "Zorka" means "Dawn" in fond mode), or the title has another meaning? I'm interested, because I'm from Russia and I find this beautiful cartoon recently.

And a little comment: if you would like to see an old sovet cartoon "Nu pogodi", part 14, you will see a robot which has long hands and feet like Jenny do. You can see it here, on YouTube. I find it amusing.

Furax said...

Oh, sorry, I didn't read thoughfully. I thought it is a 3d model, but sculpture is much better! What is it's size?

Anonymous said...

This Jenny model looks GREAT!!!!!

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Looks great, love the colors.