Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ready for Action!

A very nice artwork by Don-KommandoRR !

Artist's comment: "Just love those moments in the series, when Jenny transforms herself not in a single cannon, but gets plenty of guns. Enjoy! (If you survive after meeting with angry robot and, what is more danger - with angry teenager) ".


The Great One said...

I do so love a woman with firepower!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just out of curiosity, does Rob Renzetti read these, and is there any hope of more "Mina and the Count"? (I wanted to see the count and the older sister!)

Also, Teenage Robot rocks. (XJ9with zits...fufufu...or her Dreaming.)

Anonymous said...

What HAS Renzetti been up to since the show's cancellation?

And I wonder what his reaction would be to the OCs that many users created, inspired by Jenny.
They can be seen here:

This show can be seen as a cult hit, so how long must fans wait for a DVD collection to be released?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is so cool when Jenny brings out many weapons at once, but how do all those weapons fit inside of her?

To XJ-0: Who knows how long us Jenny fans will have to wait for a MLaaTR DVD collection? Nicktoons Network still has 3 season 3 episodes to show (2 if you don't count episode 39 "Bad Mojo in the Dojo"), I do not expect any DVD's until after those episodes are shown!

Angry XJ-9 Nerd said...

a rare good picture, 'cos most of them are shitty