Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shining Jenny!

A sweet drawing by Don-KomandoRR ;) !

Artist's comment: "Jenny is so cute that she is shining even in Cloudy day! (hmm... she has turned out more glass, than metal. But so even it is better, I think)."

It seems that she's got a nice polished look again ^^ !


ml-78 said...

This would make a very nice stained glass window!

The Great One said...

I agree!

The artist has truly captured the "child-like" nature of Jenny as she moves from timid teenager into mature crime fighter and space invader nemesis.

Love the childish grin and the toes turned in look of a young girl (Who can lift buses like matchsticks!)

Nicely done!

Melayu Boleh said...

yes looking cute

Melayu Boleh

Anonymous said...

Jenny looks so cute.
I think I'm gonna melt me.

Zero said...

Do you just randomly choose what Jenny fanpics to show here? said...

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