Thursday, November 05, 2009

Boing! Podcast with Yours Truly

Hey Everyone,

Todd Dolce just posted an interview we did at his Podcast site-

I had a great time talking with Todd and I think it shows through on the podcast. Don't forget to go to the sister site-

To watch a "Mina & the Count" cartoon.


KomandoRR said...

That'll be very interesting to listen. And I'll hear Rob's voice! Ye-a! ʭ:D

and MLAATR rulez, U know!

XJKenny said...

It is such a great interview, I enjoy listening to Mr.Renzetti's interview, really brings back a lot of good memory of MLaaTR *^^*

Yusei said...

I am from Germany and unfortunately, I could not understand everything.
Can someone tell me, what he has said about MLaaTR?



Old_Nash said...

I'm a brazilian fan of the cartoon. And I must to know are have a prevision of return to tv with new episodes, or, a live movie.
Thanks for answer.