Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clash of the FRAUD!

A clear evidence that Jenny won the match against Zim. This screenshot was taken just minutes before the poll closed:

(Images provided by shadow2007x)
After the poll closes, Nick said that the winner was... Zim?!


More screenshots:
Image at 1:16 p.m.
Image at 1:27 p.m.
Image at 3:59 p.m.
Image at 4:17 p.m.
Image at 5:17 p.m.
(Screenshots appear in chronological order).



. said...

Same applies to you,

Im only mad because of this matchup, not the show itself.

And for the matter that this show has been cancelled for a year and half now, and that nick still takes that this cartoon is still alive to the general public.

If you would understand the ferverites of my frustration.

You would relize that I'm just settling a childhood dept.

Personally why DO you even care for this show anyway yourself?

At least im honest to admit that im angry, and whats on my mind.

Btw, im 20 years old, have autism,
live with my Widowed mother and have a high school dimploma.

How old are you?

"Holy light!", *throws Plasma Greanade at your face*,*High pitched sound* BOOM!

shadow2007 said...

I can not allow ourselves are done, this wrong, waht we could do to they reflect upon and see that they have cheated, could not have been so, where can I write?, I will not rest until it's known to all

and i have 22 years old

Coonfoot said...

All right, I admit I jumped the gun with name-calling there. Deeply sorry for that. While you're at it, ignore the name-calling I made in the other blog post here.

I'm 19 (almost 20), have Asperger's Syndrome (oddly enough, a form of autism), am part of the typical family of four and have already finished part of an online art college.

The truth is that I saw some real rough talk from you in the live chat and I figured you were one of those angry internet lowlives that like to post nothing but swears and negativity -- not that I'm calling you that... now.

Now I see that your just someone expressing his views, just like everyone else. As it turns out, I was the jerk in this the whole time for insulting you for expressing yourself, which I thought you were the kind to do. Man, I feel like a douche. Just take all those names I called you in the other post and direct them straight at me. I completely deserve it.

Personally, I don't like the way Nick is being run right now, but I still watch the network and I'm still a fan of most of what it has, past and present. I hate the players (the people who run the network), not the game.

I'm just glad Nick hasn't completely thrown all of its cancelled shows aside, because I'd think it would just make the fans of them madder. The older shows are still getting stuff like iTunes releases, DVD sets, Hot Topic merchandise and/or various roles on other networks. It simply their little way of saying they're sorry and to be honest, it's something I might have done myself. I'm literally a life-long fan of the Nicktoons, being only one when the first ones premiered, and I intend to stay a fan for a long time -- but not of the people who run the network now and how they treat it. I really want to stress that part. That's one thing I agree with you on.

Also, INVADER ZIM just has a bigger following than Teenage Robot. I figured he would win anyway.

I deeply apologize for how I treated you. I really had no idea you were almost the same kind of guy as me. As an Asperger's kid, I care too much of what other people think. I'm not sure how autism make people act, but it must have caused our attitudes to clash or something. Let's just bury the hatchet and simply agree to disagree -- or agree -- from now on.

. said...

apology accepted man

Sorry about that comment up there, a lot of emotions were going through my skull that last night.

I just dont like nickolodean anymore and their teen celebritys shows.

I was whizzing through Wilkipeidas/nicktoons, and felt really sad and betrayed in a lot of ways imaginable,

I really missed the shows marked, 1- 23 plus 25-28 plus 31 but the rest..well.. :( their just not good.

Everytime i look at them, i think of my friends. :(


I wasn't sure how i was going to write my emotions, and to be honest this is the first time ive EVER written a hate letter, to any one on the iternet.

Ive been going to, too much

So sorry again everyone.

Is there anyway i can remove that commenet I made up there?

Coonfoot said...


If you want to delete the posts, make sure you're signed in and look for a trash bin icon at the bottom of your posts. Just click on that. I'll delete mine first.

You posted during the night, huh? That explains it. It must have been pretty late and lack of sleep can make us say nasty things. I should know, since I've just gotten out of the habbit of pulling all-nighters.

As for Nick's shows being good or bad, it's really just personal opinion. The old saying of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is so true when it comes to entertainment. As a literal and eternal Nicktoon fan for life, I look for the good in every one and it usually helps open my eyes to what the show's trying to go for. The people who actually make these shows put a lot of time and effort into each of these and most of them are darn proud of them.

Again, no hard feelings.

ParaBellum said...

Fuck! Ass! Shit! Bitch! Crap!

Druaga said...

I guess Nick only cares about the people actually actively watching their station. I guess they figure those aren't the same people who go online and check and vote on this. So they can have win whoever they want. Whoever they THINK will bring in the most viewers to see future match-ups WILL WIN to gather the most revenue. Seems like a sad reality, or they are just plain stupid and favored Zim for whatever reason.

Im 18 and this show deserves WAY more credit than what its been given by Nick. I loved this show when it first came out, and i still love it today.

I even bought the first season on iTunes. I can't wait for the second and third! Hopefully Viacom will still care to keep putting more episodes on iTunes.

If I'm not mistaken, there are exactly 14 episodes available on iTunes as of writing. 13 from the first season and the X-Mas special.

Not sure where I'm going with this comment so i guess ill just post...

Anonymous said...

This match is like KING KONG VS. GODZILLA all over again!

I like Kong. I like Godzilla. I like them both.
The fight left me feeling torn. I was neutral.

But for the Jenny X Zim thing? I chose Jenny. Because MLAATR was cool and awesome, and Zim is just...... weird.

I love MLAATR since day one.

I don't like the way Nick is running things.
Such as turning the channel into the Spongebob Channel and constantly canceling good shows that got reported on PEOPLE MAGAZINE Top Ten (e.g. EL TIGRE).

MLAATR deserves a DVD release.

theGeek said...

Thats Bull Sh-it ! Teenage Robot forever!

Kasey said...

-Raises hand-
Why do we care?

Anonymous said...


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. said...

So why don't you? :)

If your going to be yourself please be more insulative than that.

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Meh, I was neutral honestly.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Also if you say something nice to me and give me your Email addresses, or tell me where we could communicate together. I'll tell you where you can get Invader Zim, mlaatr and other episodes from Nick for free on the Internet.

PS. something's wrong with my google account posting comments here.

redskies said...

Personally, I don't like the way Nick is being run right now, but I still watch the network and I'm still a fan of most of what it has, past and present. I hate the players (the people who run the network), not the game.
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Ian said...

I love Jenny and I love Zim. But I appreciate fairness, and that's not what I'm seeing on the blog (seven months later).

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Anonymous said...

Does Jenny ever take off her "shoes" or boots in any episode

Anonymous said...

Yes. In the fashion episode (donno the real name) where jenny is in a fashion competition with brit and tiff, all her external armor and weapons are removed and only a skeleton remains. Her head is unchanged, though. She has also lost a leg and grown another back.

Anonymous said...

There's a post on the wiki which says she has 5 toes on her feet, which I cannot seem to find. I edited it out, but I want to make sure it's alright. There were no episodes that I knew of that showed her feet.

Manetoys said...

Wow! It's Gore/Bush all over again XD
Seriously though, more reason to hate Viacom!

Anonymous said...

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Saludos (y a los del foro tmb... aunke a esos los miro a cada rato XD ) !

Att: wicho.

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ChalemahRose said...

...zim's pretty funny to me, if it bothers yu Change the channel...but I guess it doesnt matter now lololol.

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