Friday, September 15, 2006


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Caution: its usage could be very addictive! ;)

We have suffered a "SPAM attack" some hours ago.
That means only one thing:
Many people are watching us! Thanks :)
btw, more BIG NEWS soon!


Anonymous said...

Here are the restored comments:

At 9:26 AM, PixelShader said...
Thank you for you comments so far guys, I'm glad you liked it.
Well I'm even more glad there's feedback I can use ;)

I did spend a lot of time shortening the sectences so you guys could read the subs faster (having more time to enjoy the pictures ;) ) so is it ok or should I make it even shorter?

At 12:36 PM, Mudflap said...
Make more pictures please, CandyRobot.

At 1:14 PM, tyde45 said...
(sigh) It's so great to see new episodes, I'm loving this!
I'd rate the episodes of season three so far like so...

1. The Price of Love
2. Weapons of Mass Distraction
3. A Spoonful of Mayhem
4. Girl of Steal
5. Enclosure of Doom


I was just looking through old posts and I found 'Title games,' where xjwriter had written a few old titles to new episodes, and the final titles, and we'd have to guess. Could we do one of those again, Mr. Renzetti?
And I'm dying to know...What is 'Never Say Uncle' about?!

At 2:16 PM, Anonymous said...
i love mlaatr, so I'm glad to see new episodes :)

nobody wants to see brad x jenny apart from me? xD well, I hope this third season bring us this types of scenes. anyway thank you very much!!!!

At 3:16 PM, Sparkchu said...
Remember kids, shoplifting is bad!

Oh and pixelshader, I think your sentence length in the subs is just fine. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Anonymous said...

More big news? Argh, so excited! Loved Girl of Steal, and it was silly how Jenny wanted a Musique yet she could basically do everything it could and couldn't do. ^^

Anonymous said...

muy buenos los capítulos!!! estoy siguiendo este blog hace tiempo pero es la primera vez que comento. muchas gracias a todos los que hacen posible que fans de todo el mundo puedan conocer y fanatizarse más (como yo) de mlaatr. estaré ansiosa por ver los demás capítulos de la tercera temporada.

ah, una cosa, ¿podrían subir imágenes del arte original de brad, tuck y sheldon? (me refiero a las diferentes poses de los personajes por ejemplo) gracias!

y continúen así, que como dije antes, muchos se lo agradecen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you yet again. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey wichobot, is there any chance that you could put these on YouTube? That would be a big help. ;)

wichobot said...

I'll try to do it.

TOMAS said...

To Sparkchu: You are in the correct Buddy, the sequences are very similar: The one that the protagonists of both films are in a dark place and without remembering nothing, without clear explanation
could not happen to Jenny (fiu) and Killgore (-_-U hurts) what to the personages of "the Cube", although little I lack.
To PixelShader:The problem they are not the subtitles that you place in the episodes, but that these same episodes were not designed to be subtitled, but TRANSLATED to other languages, for example in where the boy this choosing a gift for Britt, She speaks too fast to be able to appreciate or the translation which you make, asi same in the scene where Sheldon and Jen have the final dialogue, his I engage in a dialog is very fast and if one does not have practices in the English hill work to follow the subtitles, but that is fixed simply putting pause (or W-bot) in the episode I prefer that the dialogues are become attached to which the personages say
Cluster Victo

TOMAS said...

Estimada Bele:Si te refieres a el arte hecho por los CREADORES de la serie, hay bastante en los archivos de este mismo blog,por ejemplo "Jenny de la A a la Z" diciembre 6 del 2006, "la Jenny que No fue" enero 10 2006 y muchos otros pero seria cuestión de ir atras en el Roblog para que pudieras apreciar esto trabajos,(otra opción seria ver si Tucker quisiera prestar su máquina del tiempo,podría funcionar...)
Y existe bastante arte de fans en sitios como Deviantart, recomiendo especialmente los trabajos de Coyoteloon, esperando haber sido útil... Tomas.