Thursday, September 28, 2006

Official Rough draft: Britt

Thanks to Animatrixie for share with us her Britt's rough draft.
By the way, are you using Mac and can't watch the episodes yet?
Then follow this guide.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the image! I love the official rough draft of any character of MLaaTR ^^

if you have more of other character...great!

well, this is nothing to do but, is my idea or brad has a drawing table in his room? (future shock) and he also has a sketch of a mickey! xD, so, he is a cartoonist? hehe

Anonymous said...

I love it!!

Animatrixie said...

Yes! I have been able to watch the shows through Firefox with the high quality setting, thanks! :)

Tiff will be coming soon, too! ;) I'll post some pics when things settle down a bit over there. They've only just opened!

It's sweet (and unexpected!) of you to have posted this, even though it's just a rough and far from on model in its present form. It'll get better as I go along cleaning up and coloring it. :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the final picture Trixie!

Anonymous said...

Could you do a picture of Mimi in this outfit?

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite character you know, and I've got a Dev.Art site dedicated to her and her cousin.