Monday, November 27, 2006

Wakeman's link...

We know that Wisteria and Nora have nothing in common,
(aside from being sisters) but this could change your mind...

Yes. Both characters were played by Candi Milo!
Now the family nexus is real ;)


Anonymous said...

I thought Candi's natural voice was Nora's voice

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Wisteria's voice is Candi's voice :-}

Anonymous said...

I bet she had a lot of fun arguing with herself!

crazy4sims said...

how much would it cost the comunity to pay for a new season, and would we get a group discount?..

crazy4sims said...

hi, me again
this is a serious request. i'de really like to look into this, i could set up like a site that gathers donations to get the money together.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Milo has done a lot of voice acting. I first heard her as Astro Boy in the 2003 remake.

The Great One said...

Ms Milo is a woman of many talents
as well as many voices.

She is a singer, comedienne, dancer, Voice Actor, and I understand an author , as well as a mother.

Way to go Candi!

Anonymous said...

And will the next season of MLaaTR be or not?

crazy4sims said...

hi all,
i checked out the viewing figures on mlaatr here in the netherlands,
it air's on a sunday only at 12:17, here's the link to the figures:;fs

for those who want em quick : viewers (absolute) 161.000
percent viewers: 1.1%
overall market share: 9.6%

these figures prove that even when it airs once a week on a sunday in the netherlands, people watch in big numbers. and i say that the bigwigs in the us should be the only nickelodion reps who make the calls, i think then whole network should be taken in consideration, i know for a fact ( couldn't find the firugers but still looking) that when the show started it was as populair as spongebob when spongebob started here. and if you check spongbob's viewing figures on that day mlaatr gets 18.000 more viewers (161.000 - 143.000) and i also know that nick nl is currently starting to air new eps of the sponge ( i just want to say i have nothing against the sponge he's just a handy comparison, like all nick shows) the fairy's didn't even get as many views that day. i you go to wensday 29th the new ep of the sponge barly got more viewers. so tell me what makes nick bigwigs say the show wasn't getting enough viewers. i think it was getting too many viewers and that it was holding back other shows witch nick had invested more in . i think nick was trying to protect a bigger investment in series such as the sponge, fairly odd, jimmy and others. so if anybody who has influnace at nick is reading this, i'm a person who doesn't even have any business sense and these firuger's are telling me: get that show more eps, a forth season too..
thanks for the attention, this is not ment to bash nick, it's ment to ilustrate a huge mistake by nick. i have to respect nick's choses.
i'll try and find the lanch firugers.

wichobot said...
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