Friday, November 10, 2006

Who are you?

From the MLaaTR Fan Comic created by XJKenny.
Artist's Comments: "What if Mr. Rob Renzetti got suck into
his own creation? But things doesn't go smoothly though for
Mr. Rob in Tremorton ^-^."


The Great One said...

OW! Rob being dissed by his own creation!

That's gotta hurt!

BTW, is Jenny trying the classic Anime insult in the last panel?

(pulling down lower eyelid while sticking out tongue)

Neat trick except she doesn't HAVE a lower eyelid or a tongue!

Well, not normally anyway.

Nicely done cartoon work, though!

wichobot said...

Check the last scene. The Carbunkle Bros are drawn like when the characters are far from the camera. Nice detail ^^!

Manetoys said...


Anonymous said...

siempre supe que alguién lo diría...
pero nunca pense que sería Jenny

XJKenny said...

Thanks everyone ^-^. It is fun drawing Mr.Rob meeting his own creation.

Anonymous said...

I think that Jenny could be drawn better there but Mr.Rob is funny.He looks like a crazy super scientist! :-)