Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jenny Comes Out of Storage!

News has come down from the powers at Nick that the long delayed Third Season of MLAATR will finally be shown here in the US of A! I know many of you Die Hard Fans have already seen these episodes through "various means" but for those that have not (or want to relive the magic all over again) you'll want to turn into NickTOONS (not Nickelodeon) on OCTOBER 4 at 11 AM.

Thanks for sticking with XJ9 all these years!


Charles K. said...

Well, Fred did promise and he did deliver. The effort was definitely worth it.

Matt Crowson said...

Alright! I wonder if reading the continuing support from fans on this blog motivated them. (I bet you it did!)

kkacatin said...


Thank you to whoever made it possible!

Yes yes yes!

galacticranger said...

Pic made me lol

Then D'awww

Then cry a little

*sigh* why does Nick always kill the awesome cartoons?

Rachel O said...

Excellent! I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Translation: those without the advanced cable plan for Nicktoons Network are left out in the cold.

Not that I'm not happy for the effort, but not every fan has Nicktoons.

Anonymous said...

Thats is great news .
Its Nick paying a little respect for this great show .
I like to think that I did my part keeping her memory alive on my fan art .
here in Brazil , we saw these episodes about a year ago .
but now they are gone. so I hope the USA fans can enjoy them while they can .

Anonymous said...

although i saw all these episodes on the web, it'll be soo much better to see them in such better quality!! now if they made new episodes...

Unknown said...

man i was wondering why they were holding them back

i mean they basically killed the show

they really needed to merchandize the show a bit

Anonymous said...

This makes me happy for you guys, the creators of the show. Also for the many people who has yet to see it.
I've seen the lot of them on the nets, and it's whetted my appetite for purchasing the episodes on DVD.
The internet is free advertising, it certainly worked on me.
Brilliant show, thanks.

just_erikk said...

it nice to hear that this show is making some sort of progress.
i heard once that Rob, the creator of this show, also helped create other great shows (power puff girls, Dexter's lab, and invader zim i beleve.)

i wonder what rob is up to nowadays...

Anonymous said...

to just_erikk, it wasnt invader zim it was family guy either way yea hes worked with alot

Anonymous said...

That's great,
but Rob, the whole MLAATR fan-base has gone upside-down. It's a mess. Some fan-bases (like Godzilla fan-bases) have camaraderie and honor, but the Teenage Robot fan-base has turned upside down thanks to anime characters ruining the universe

Someone told me that the anime fans are idiots (no offense to anime fans), they give you a hard time from commenting on your fan-art to roleplays.

Sad eh?

It wasn't me who discovered it, but someone else had guts to reveal the truth.

Matt Crowson said...

I think that if you're a fan, you're a fan.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that I really like this show. I see it as seperate, yet close to Anime, as it does take some things from Anime, yet largely it is its own unique 'character' really. On a note related to the topic, I had seen some season 3 episodes prior to this announcement, but will now refrain from watching the rest on the internet so I can see them for the first time on TV, as my own individual way of showing my support for this wonderful show.

The Great One said...

In comment to the "anime " influence, Rob was more inspired by the late Dave Fliescher (Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, and KoKo the clown)

The man was a genius who was way ahead of his time, in terms of cartooning, including the rotoscope (moving background), three dimensional characters,and making the scenery simple and yet effective while the show was character driven.

I feel that MLAATR was a much a homage to old and pioneering animators as it was a wonderful with lovable and believable characters.

His choice of Voice actors, Esp Janice Kawaye and Candi Milo, was inspired and gave the character smore than personality but "souls"
sp that you really cared about them.

it is high time that Nick (read Viacom) wised up and showed the third season that has aired all over the world, except in the US.

Is there a chance to revitalize the show? I hope so, but getting the original crew, cast, and others together again would be a mind-boggling effort.

Let's all Hope and pray for the best.

XJKenny said...

That is a very good news to the fans of US, but I though MLaaTR 3rd season was already aired at the US, even in Asia, MLaaTR 3rd season has already aired months ago. Wasn't US a priority since Nick is at US?

Anonymous said...

I am beyond happy to hear about this! I hope Nicktoons shows all of the season 3 episodes! When the last one is shown, maybe just maybe, there will be a season 1,2,3 DVD set! Let us all cross our fingers and pray! If the DVD set is realeased I would pay over $100 for it! The following is a parody of a credit card comercial.

DVD set price- $100
Pennsylvania sales tax- $6
Total- $106
Having Jenny on DVD- Priceless

Anonymous said...

Nice spoof of the Master Card commercials.

RobotRenzetti said...

Hey Everyone!

Rob here. FYI - I am back at Cartoon Network as supervising producer on a new batch of cartoon pilots for a shorts program we are calling The Cartoonstitute. We've got some great stuff on tap so when you aren't watching MLAATR on Nicktoons looks for it on CN! ;)

XJKenny said...

Hello Mr.Rob,

Great to hear you are doing fine and I read an article about you featured in a magazine called "animation magazine" about toon think tank XD

Anonymous said...

Please let there be another series after this one. I don't want it to be cancelled.

Anonymous said...


Great that you're working at CN..maybe you can make some awesome toons for them.

I'm ecstatic that the third season is FINALLY going to be shown here in the States. I've seen a few but I can't wait to see the rest. BTW, apparantly, Nick is rerunning the eps the follwoing morning, Sundays at 6 a.m. so those that don't have Nicktoons CAN see them--sweet!

Also, let's not forget that Rob was involved in some eps of Samurai Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, this is my favorite show. Will there be another series after this one? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that I work October 4th (and all saturdays)!

(Working Stinks)

To "justycp"- I hope that you are right about the Sunday re-showing on Nickelodeon! This will cheer me up beyond imagination!

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why they don't just put the episodes for sale on iTunes or Amazon. It seems like it should be profitable: the episodes already exist; the virtual storefronts already exist. I could understand there not being enough demand to justify the costs of a DVD run, but server space is cheap. Viacom or whoever would make money, and the fans who respect IP wouldn't have to feel so guilty about their "various means." Everyone wins--so why hasn't it happened? What am I missing?

And why doesn't Sony do the same for Jem season three, part two?

I swear. It's enough to bring out the anarchist in any self-respecting fangirl or fanboy.

Anonymous said...

To Rob Renzetti: If and when you find out, can you please make a cute picture for this website indicating the date of release and price of a "My Life as a Teenage Robot" DVD! Does not matter if the 3 seasons are indivisual or in one set! I thought the "Jenny comes out of storage!" picture was cute!

Anonymous said...

To all Jenny fans at this site: I speak for myself and most if not all of you, that it would be great for "MLaaTR" to go on DVD (Be the seasons sold indivisualy or all 3 in a set)!


If you agree with the comment I typed in all caps, let me know that you agree by posting this comment- ['_'] JENNY ['_']

Anonymous said...

DVD's and another season would kill me with excitement.

Anonymous said...




(Or as soon as possible)

p.s.- Nicktoons needs to know that I am begging for the MLaaTR DVD! Not just for myself, but all Jenny fans!

James Sutton said...
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ml-78 said...

I now have all but 3 MLaaTR episodes recorded!

I still need:

1. My neighbor was a teenage robot (original short that started it all)

2. Toying with Jenny/Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles (season 2)

3. Bad Mojo in the Dojo (Season 3 episode that may not even exist)

Anonymous said...

Watch them here:
See ya :) !