Monday, September 01, 2008

Space wars and Kiddies!

Nice September's calendar artwork from odaleex.

Funny XJ9 icon by gashi-gashi xD !

Hilarious fanart from the MLaaTR Kiddies by XJKenny ^^ !

Based on another classic game!... can you find Melody ^^ ?

Also, you can watch Vega posing for the Sept. Calendar here ;) !


Anonymous said...

Space- Where is Tuck?

Kiddies- That spiky tortoise probaly would not taste too good!

Anonymous said...

Typical Misty, never patient in her work.

Even as a kid, her style is to get the job over with fast.

The Great One said...

Hmmmm. Now Melody has been added to the kid adventures. Odd, as she wasn't made until Jenny was an teenager.

I love suspended disbelief!