Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who's the lucky guy?

XJ-9 Maquette

I am! Eric Homan posted this over at our Frederator Blogs when Rob Renzetti and Alex Kirwan stopped by my office. --Fred Seibert

Who’s the lucky guy? Fred is, as Alex Kirwan and Rob Renzetti present him with a very exclusive maquette of Jenny, model XJ-9, from Rob’s My Life as a Teenage Robot. It seems like yesterday Teenage Robot premiered on Nick, but it was really back in the summer of 2003. Meanwhile, you can see never-before-aired episodes of the series, Saturdays on Nicktoons Network.

As a “Where-Are-They-Now” note, these days, Alex is busy designing characters for Nick’s The Mighty B, while Rob is co-running a big shorts program with Craig McCracken over at Cartoon Network.


Anonymous said...

Sheldon would be so jealous! XD

Simon McPherson said...

I know I am! Yeowza! Wish I had one, or at least a Jenny figure of some sort. Possible add-ons to the store? *hopeful*

XJKenny said...

Ooooo-!!! I want one too XD

Anonymous said...

Please take very good care of that Jenny! You are very lucky to have it! Always keep Jenny close to your heart!

Anonymous said...

Woo , I guess I will have to get back to my jenny figure project.

Simon McPherson said...

Indeed. Though I was also wondering what Rob was up to these days, so its good to know about that too. It's good to see him work with Craig McCracken, so that should be interesting to see what comes out of it.

Though, I will state that I do wish Rob and company were also still doing stuff on My Life As A Teenage Robot, but that's partly why I come to this blog anyway. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Since you guys are team behind one my favorite TV shows, Do you know if there is ANY chance of a DVD release of MLAATR?

The Great One said...

Wonder if he would consider selling that figurine on Ebay?

I have an Active watch list for MLaaTR items set up.

Hint, Hint!

Say, where there is one, there may be more! Rob and Alex, you must have a trove of Jenny memorabilia. How about giving us fans a crack at it?

I am tired to berating Nick as a bunch of idiots for canceling the show.

Simon McPherson said...

Indeed. The show is wonderful, and I would spare no effort to obtain one myself!