Friday, October 03, 2008

XJ-9: The birth...

Amazing artwork by CrimsonFace ^^ !

By the way, don't forget to watch the MLaaTR's 3rd. Season episodes, tomorrow (October 4th.) at 11 AM on the Nicktoons Network channel!


Anonymous said...

The machine Jenny is in is called the "NO-GRAV 3000 with BIO-CHARGER"! Does this mean that Jenny is not an android, but she is a cyborg?

Seeing Jenny like that is a bit spooky!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was awesome. Welcome to the world Jenny.

The Great One said...


This should have been a scene in an episode flashback from Season 4.

Oh Wait, the Dumb Dumbs at Nick" didn't Order a season 4!

Here it is 2008 and the Roblog is still gong strong.

Long live Jenny!

Anonymous said...

To all TR fans that read this!!!
What I am asking does not have anything to do with this picture, but how does episode 39 "Bad Mojo in the Dojo" end? Who gets to stay in Tremorton? Jenny or Misty?

Remember to hope and pray for a MLaaTR DVD!!!

Jenny Rules!

wichobot said...

There is not an episode named like that. It sounds like a "PowerPuff Girls" episode.

Anonymous said...

To wichobot: Thanks anyway! When I got the list of MLaaTR episodes, episode 39/Bad Mojo in the Dojo was listed as "unconfirmed"! Maybe they never actually made it!

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