Wednesday, February 08, 2006

colorful characters?

Here are some miscellaneous marker comps, all of them designs I had trouble "seeing" until I sketched them in color.


wichobot said...
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wichobot said...

I have some other pics from that characters:
Beast (godzilla) pics:

Rock guy:

to alexkirtoon: please try to find and publish some Background music (BGM) themes like "Mezmers" Theme, or "Robot Riot" Theme or simply fighting or battle BGM themes.

See ya!
wichobot -

Anonymous said...

cool characters Alex and cool screenshots wichobot!
That's look nice :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It's very cool to see how these designs were developed/picked. I personally really liked the Mercury rock creatures.

Anonymous said...


In honor of Akira Ifukube, (1914-2006) who wrote the music to the 1954 movie.

Mechacl said...

I really like these designs.
Who doesn't like them is stuck too much on anime. Well anime has it own set of problems, like little called all the females looking all the same.It has gotten better in some newer projects, but I do think in a few more years US and
Japanese projects will be hard to tell a part.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!!!

You guys are just too awesome!

I odered the MLAATR sktechbook and it came in yesterday. I love it! It giave me a real appreciation for what everyone at Fredorator has done, to create such an impressive cartoon!!!