Friday, February 24, 2006

More colorscripting

Occasionally I will do marker color comps to show Seonna for the color script (I can't whip out a gorgeous painting quite as efficiently as she does). I will usually do this when I have a particular idea about how the characters should relate to the backgrounds (the character color models aren't created until the backgrounds have already been painted). "Mind over Matter" was an especially challenging episode to find a color-arc for, the entire story was supposed to take place in the dark!
Note the Jenny fountain in the lower right where we changed our minds about her color. One important rule for coloring characters is that they should always pop off the background (this was especially truein this scene).


paintballstar2789 said...

THIS WORK IS AWESOME.....not many cartoons do lighting effects as well as MLAATR does them !!!!!

wichobot said...

It's a light-show!
Armagedroid face's very creepy, like Robocop without helmet ;)
wichobot -

Anonymous said...

post some 'how to draw' things...

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing! Again. "Mind over Matter" is one of my favourite episodes! Next to all of the others of course haha.

Brian Growe said...

Dude! Those are so awesome! Great stuff!

The Great One said...

I find it amazing that you limit yourself in color to the background drawings, but then, as you point out, they often set the emotional "tone" of the story.

I often wondered why I was so touched by the emotional themes of the stories, and now I see with new eyes what was on a sub-consious level all along. I truly recall the darkness of Mind Over Matter and how you worked with somber tones of Jenny and kept her
lighter personality (brain power) in contrast all through it.

I perhaps can see why Nick is holding off on more seasons of the show as the production costs are too high. Our loss!

Quality sacrificed on the altar of profit.

Please tell me that you and Rob will try to keep the faith in your next effort.

As I said before, Museum quality work! Please go to Disney!