Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knight of the woodpecker

One of the stranger classic animation references in the show can be found in the design of second-string villian "the Lancer". He was created to bear a (very) slight resemblence to a certain cartoon woodpecker, a woodpecker created by Walter Lantz. Now that's about as obscure as a visual pun can get.


Mechacl said...

Wow, he is real old school.

Anonymous said...

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wichobot said...

That knight looks powerful and creepy, but the little creature inside HEARS very well! ;)
btw, that thing had a name?
wichobot -

Anonymous said...

awesooommmeeeeeeeee!!!!more please

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha! :D hadn't seen that one coming ;) It's awesome that you based meny of the characters in the series in word games, music and other famous characters; the hammer bros. are an evilesque parody of the famous italian plumbers, the lonely hearts club band have the same name as those liverpool musicians that changed the world, Himcules (I think that's his name, the translation didn't allow me to hear it's name well) is Hercule's based and so on with other characters :P
Lancer stands out because of its complex structure (regarding name reference and design based on the famous woodpecker) ^_^ marvelous job as always!
Please keep posting more of this entries ;)

Sincerely - J. R.

Anonymous said...

Nice job team. A tribute to Walter Lantz. He created this character inspired by a noisy woodpecker that bothered him on his honeymoon. True. Man, I never really liked Woody Woodpecker. Looking back I felt kind of sorry of the so called "adversaries". He caused nothing but trouble. He leaves his adversaries suffering. He just gives growing up and maturity a bad name. He overplays mischeif. Walter Lantz, a shame on you, this is what you get if you didn't work on Harry O'Hoyt's project for Colombia Pictures, THE LOST ATLANTIS back in the late 1930's. When kids see Mr. Woodpecker in action they cheer for him, they root for him, later they copy him. He was like the Spongebob Squarepants of his time. Woody makes Popeye look normal. Popeye is wise and advises kids to behave (mostly eat Spinach). Oh well nobody is perfect.

BTW, Mel Blanc (who voiced Daffy Duck) was his original voice back in the 1940's.

DanMat6288 said...

Ha! He's not a woodpecker; he's a rat with huge ears! XP